Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital scrapbook or commemorative DVD?
A digital scrapbook or commemorative DVD is a multimedia slideshow. It is also referred to as a photo montage DVD and several other names. It differs artistically from a powerpoint presentation or built-in slideshow program that comes with some of the newer computer models. It is far more sophisticated. With a digital scrapbook DVD, you get to choose a custom layout, group pictures together, add effects, music, text, and other artistic detail that is timed perfectly to the songs you have chosen. Often special effects are added to create a rich, artistic unfolding of imagery. Music sets the mood for the production, and we carefully custom edit all photographs, music, and transitions for maximum emotional appeal. The result is that your photographs come to life and tell a story more dramatically than a traditional slideshow could ever do.

Can I order from a mobile device such as a phone or tablet?

Yes you can order from a mobile device. It takes a little longer because you can't load multiple pictures at the same time and the site is rather large so you will have to move the screen side to side on occasion, but as we know that some individuals have gotten rid of a traditional desktops or laptops as technology has gotten much smaller and hand held so it was important to us that our customers have the option to order from such devices if they so choose. 

Why should I consider a professional slideshow production?

Photographs are fragile. Pictures deteriorate over time and computers and crash taking your beloved memories with it. In a crisis, people reach for their treasured photographs before anything else. It makes sense to preserve your photos and the stories that go with them. This is where a professional digital scrapbook comes in. We will help you preserve your photographs along with your memories and your stories with emotionally stirring music and Hollywood-style motion picture effects so that you have a truly delightful way to enjoy and share them with those you love.

What is the length of time each frame remains on screen?                                                                                                                                                                                                                         It depends on the amount of text and number photos on each frame. We try to allot enough time for each frame so that all of the photos can be admired and the text can be read without the viewer feeling rushed. We also try to time it with the music selections. This averages anywhere from 8-20 seconds a frame with 2-3 seconds for each transition including our credit frames.

What do you do if the music doesn't time up perfectly with the frames?                                                                                                                                                                                                    That is typically the case but we try to time the first lyric of the first song with the first frame of pictures. When the slideshow ends, if the music selections are longer than the slideshow, we make sure the final frame stays on screen until an appropriate lyric or instrumental in the song where then, the song will fades to an end.  

What is the length of a typical digital scrapbook DVD?
Our movies are typically between five and 25 minutes long depending on the package you choose, music, and amount of text written on the screen.

How long does it take to create a digital scrapbook DVD?
This varies depending upon the length of the film, the complexity of the customization, and DVD Darling’s work load during that particular time. We ask that you allow 4-6 weeks for your DVDs to be completed and mailed to you. However, a rush can be put on your order for an additional 25% of your base price. This will skyrocket your DVD straight to the top of the list. However, still allow 1-2 weeks from start to arrival date. If you need the DVDs for a funeral, email us and we will work something out to ensure your DVD arrives within a few days. Keep in mind that 4-6 weeks is a ROUGH estimate and you may be able to get your order much sooner.

How do I select music for my digital scrapbook?
Choose songs that are meaningful to the individual(s) featured in the production and that are also appropriate to the mood of the photos. If you're creating a life tribute of an individual who has lived many decades, it's fun to incorporate music from the various eras to add authenticity to the production. You can also reference our list of suggested songs or we can choose a custom playlist for you. 

How do I send my photos to you?
You can scan your photographs onto your computer and upload them to the order form as .jpg or .png or you can download them to your computer from a mobile device or digital camera and upload them to the site as order form as .jpg or .png.

What type of payment do you accept?
We accept PayPal only. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can either create one for free or continue as a guest. Paypal is a secure and trusted payment site that ensures the security of all of your financial information. Payment in full is required for all projects when you place your order and before work will begin. 
Why should I choose DVD Darling?
DVD Darling prides itself on creating works of art! We don't simply plop in your photos, add a bunch of transitions, throw down a piece of music and burn a DVD in a few minutes like many companies. We delight in creating a DVD fit for any occasion at a much lower cost while providing the customer with as little hassle as possible!
We take the time to carefully bring each image to its maximum brilliance through careful editing and embed special effects and motion transitions at no additional charge.
Regarding music, we meticulously edit your soundtrack so that the songs build the correct mood and momentum for each scene.

Unlike our competitors, we provide unique and one of a kind, scrapbook style, layouts that add interest to you photos. Also unlike our competitors, we don't nickel and dime you for all of your add ons. We don't charge per photo, we charge per frame. We allow for multiple photos on the same frame allowing you to paint a full scene for the viewer(s). Captions and journal entries are and always will be free at DVD Darling. No charging by the word here! 

We're pros at what we do. We take our time and do it right. So if you are looking for a production that has been slapped together, we’re not the studio for you. But if you want a show that is artfully customized and beautiful — that will thrill you to your core —at a still affordable price— then let's talk!

Do you work with customers outside the US?
I am afraid that this is not possible for us at the moment.

I am interested in ordering a digital scrapbook DVD! What do I do?
Visit our "Getting Started" section to learn what to do next.