What To Expect From Your DVD Darling Experience


At DVD Darling, we try to make the digital scrapbooking process as easy as possible. Your time is important to us and we understand that lack or time is one of the reasons you're entrusting us with your memories. You can take comfort in knowing that we will treat your memories as though they are our own. Making sure you enjoy your time at DVD Darling is our top priority!

A Digital Scrapbook DVD features:       

•A custom layout for any and all occasion—Custom designs and scrapbook style layouts to fit most any occasion. If you need the DVD for a memorial or funeral service, shoot us an email and we will decide on a backdrop (whether it be a solid color or elegant design) that is appropriate for the occasion.
•Your photographs—Your special memories will be uploaded directly to the order form using our handy browse feature. You will be able to upload up to 4 photos per frame.
•Customized special effect transitions—Transitions are special effects that are placed in between your slides to add interest to your digital scrapbook DVD.
•Your favorite songs and/or instrumentals—Though you might like to provide us with an MP3 of your song choices, there are a host of reasons why this may be difficult or impossible for some. You can either upload MP3s, choose from our suggested song list, or request that we put together a play list for you.
•Captions and Journaling—Each frame will have a 300 word limit for captions and/or journal entries. Each caption and journal is free of charge but we do ask that if you have many words on a slide, you limit the amount of photos you include in that frame. If you use all 300 words, choosing 4 photos is probably not the best decision. We want you to have time to read the text and look at the photos. Also, the more text or photos you have on a slide, the smaller the text and photos will need to be.
•Custom titles—What do you want your digital scrapbook to be called?
•Personalized full color DVD label and DVD case with insert—Each DVD comes with a coordinating DVD label with a DVD case insert.
•The ability to group your photos—You have the ability to upload up to 4 photos per frame at no additional cost. This allows you to keep like photos together and gives you much more of an authentic scrapbook look to your DVD.
•Can be viewed on many devices—whether you prefer to view it on a projector, TV, laptop, of DVD player, the layouts will look awesome!
•The addition of black and white or sepia editing—We want your DVDs to turn out exactly the way you envisioned. This includes the addition of black and white or sepia editing. This often offers a sense of class and timelessness that can’t easily be achieved with any other effect.
•The ability to save your work and return later—No need to clean up your kitchen table from all of those messy crafting supplies when you want to call it a day. You simply click the "Save work" button and  go about the rest of your day without packing everything up only to drag it all back out tomorrow!

Things to keep in mind:

We do crop photos on occasion—Though we leave the important scenes in the shot, it is sometimes necessary to crop photos to ensure that they will fit within the parameters of the layout theme

Try to upload the best resolution and size possible—The higher the resolution, the better the photos will look on screen. Though I can digitally enhance and sharpen the image, they will still look better at the highest resolution and size.

Please allow for 4-6 weeks to receive your finished DVD—This depends on the package you choose, the number of additional DVDs, the amount of editing your photos require, and the number of orders DVD Darling has at that given time, though 4-6 weeks seems to be the rough amount of time required for start to finish of most digital scrapbook DVD projects. We do offer rush services for 25% of your subtotal. If you choose this option, you will still need to allow 1-2 weeks from start to arrival date.


Payment in full is due prior to beginning work on your production. We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. ​