Tips And Tricks To Get You Started


Before you begin to gather your photographs and other materials for your DVD production, consider your personal vision for the project. This will make it much easier to order your photos, choose the right memories, decide on your captions, and choose music. 


Photos that evoke emotional responses are ideal. Choose images that are in focus and well preserved if at all possible. Look for interesting composition and action shots to balance with the posed shots for interesting contrast.


There are two ways to group photos:
~ Chronologically- Show your friend or family member as they age through the years or move through a special event as though you are watching the actions in real time.


~ Thematically- Perhaps you want to commemorate a summer. You've taken pictures from a beach trip, a hike through the mountains, and a theme park. Group the pictures together based on where it was they were taken.


The music that you choose will set the mood for your production. If you are doing a tribute, you'll want to include music that is meaningful to the featured person. Use both sentimental and upbeat songs so that your video will evoke a range of emotions. If you're doing a themed production, use songs that relate to that theme. For example, use Christmas songs for a Christmas production or beach themed songs for a summer themed production. Check out our song list of popular choices if you're having trouble thinking of your own.

Some clients prefer to leave the musical selections up to our discretion. We are happy to customize a soundtrack that will fit the mood of each segment. We will keep in mind both the purpose of the digital scrapbook as well as the emotions the pictures are evoking when making our song selections. However, please note that if asked to create a song list, we will not offer corrections or refunds based on the you, the customer, not being happy with our choices. That being said, we will do our very best to choose the utmost appropriate songs for the occasion.


All captions, and journal entries can be indicated on the DVD order form under each frame. This makes it easier to know which photo or group of photos goes with which caption or journal entry. In addition to making the caption process easy, we are making it free! Many other sites charge per word or line...we want you to feel free to say what it is you want to say without trying to budget your thoughts...though you should try to fit your thoughts within a 300 word limit for space restraints.


Creating a memorable digital scrapbook DVD  is definitely a collaboration. We provide the technology and creativity to make a professional DVD, and you provide the story, the passion and raw materials to make it memorable.


This guide is to help you organize your thoughts about the production and understand the sequence of tasks to submit your project. We want to make your experience with us as enjoyable as possible so we are here to guide you, answer your questions and help streamline the process for you. If you run into issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us! We are committed to partnering with you to create a memorable production that you will enjoy for years to come.

Gather your photos, favorite music, captions and titles and we'll do all the rest!


Quick Check List

1. Create a log in. If one has already been created, then log in.

2. Determine theme of show (Birthday, Wedding, holiday, tribute, etc.) and choose a nifty layout to fit the theme

3. Select your package. If you are not sure which package you want, click on "Compare Packages" under the "Getting Started" tab where you will find all the bells and whistles included with each package along with the prices.

4. Choose a title for your show. 

5. Decide how you want your music. Do you want to choose your music from a list? Do you want us to choose it for you? Or do you have MP3s that you are ready to upload? Your choice will determine what happens next. If you choose for us to create a list, then you will not need to do anything further. If you want to choose from a list, then click on our "Suggested Song List" link for a list of songs. Simply copy the song(s) you want and paste them in the text box. If you would like to upload MP3s, then you will find upload windows on the order form where you can browse your computer for the songs you would like on your DVD.

6. Decide how many DVDs you want. Each additional DVD cost $3.00. You'll find that this is much cheaper than the $5.00 - $10.00 price charged by many similar businesses.  



Although you can have up to 4 photos per frame, this doesn’t always make for the best look of a DVD. Aesthetically, it looks best if you have a nice mix. For instance, choose 2 photos for one frame, 4 for the next, 1 for the one after that and so on. This isn’t a requirement, but it will add visual interest to your digital scrapbook and make each frame unique, like a scrapbook!

Some people find it easier and quicker to upload the photos first and then go back and add text later in order to easily keep track of the photos that have been uploaded already. Keep in mind that text isn’t required on EVERY slide or at all for that matter. There may be some slides where you wish to allow the photos to speak for themselves.

Some people enjoy using actual quotes from the people in the photos to add a sense of realism to frame. For instance, for a rollercoaster picture, you might want to include a caption similar to "Jessi screamed 'I DON'T WANT TO DIE ON MY BIRTHDAY' as the rollercoaster went upside down"

Keep in mind that scrapbook DVDs make excellent gifts for weddings, mother's day, or a late baby shower gift.

And lastly, be prepared to see tears from all of those you experience watching these DVDs with you because they are often very touching!

Poems, quotes, and Bible verses make good additions to your slideshows as well. 

~ If there is a writer in the family, see if they can write a short poem or a touching anecdote to include.

~ If making this as a gift, try raiding your friend's or family's Facebook pages, Instagram, etc. Save the pictures to your computer, and then upload them to the site. This will give you a wider array of photos without having recipient suspecting anything.